Season 3 of the thriller show featuring Sushmita Sen is out! Aarya is back with its third season after keeping its viewers waiting for a long time.

Sushmita Sen Returns with Aarya Season 3:

Aarya Sareen played by Sushmita Sen is back with more powerful action with a new season of the show. The story of the show revolves around the underworld ruled by suspicion, money, and danger. The story of the show is centred on the lead character Aarya's life. She is a single mother to three children; the show exquisitely portrays her balancing between the illegal business and taking care of her children. 

Aarya's Balancing Act Between Family and the Underworld:

Aarya's son Veer played by Viren Vazirani, is having an affair with Aarya's assistant in the drug business Arundhati played by Virti Vaghani, her second daughter is finding herself intrtested in poetry whereas the youngest one busy with school.

Aarya is all set to gain a more powerful place in the world of crime by doing a strategic deal with the Russian mafia. The show contains many horrible and brutal killing scenes as Aarya's past competitors and enemies interfere in her missions. The scenario of Rivarly is leading much drama keeping the audience engaged in the plot of the show.

The dramatic background music blends effortlessly with the narrative of the story. Aarya Season 3 sheds light on female-oriented stories in the genre of crime and drama. 

Cast and Crew of Aarya:

Along with Sushmita Sen's strong portrayal the other supporting cast including Indraneil Sengupta, Vishwajeet Pradhan, Vikas Kumar, Maya Sarao, and Geetanjali Kulkarni has also done commendable work in Aarya.

The show was created and directed by Ram Madhvani, screenplay was done by Khushboo Raj and Amit Raj. Aarya Season 3 maintains the storyline of the show as authentic as 1st and 2nd seasons. Viewers can expect much more intense drama and thrill as the show moves forward.