Aaja Meri Jaan

Released On - 17 Sep 1993     1hr 21min

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Aaja Meri Jaan
Indian Film History

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Chand is a handsome and happy-go lucky boy studying in the same college as Sonu, who he is infatuated with. She however ignores his advances and wants him to leave her alone.Ragini, who is the new priest’s daughter, has a liking for Chandar instead and one day confesses it to him. He is adamant that he has no feelings for her and to leave him alone. That night at a musical concert. Ragini gets a letter addressed to her by Chand to meet her in room no. 112. Excited that he has changed his mind, she goes into the room. After a while another guest enters the room to find the dead body of Ragini.


Sonu who is Ragini’s younger sister has read all her letters, saying how much she loves Chand. Thus he becomes the prime suspect in the case. Sonu is furious and decides to get the confession out of Chand. She asks him to go on a picnic with her, where she drugs him, hoping he will reveal the details of her sister’s murder. However things don’t go as planned and the boat they are on capsizes. He however takes her to safety. This makes Sonu feel affectionate towards Chand and realizes he isn’t the killer. Later it turns out that three smugglers who were in room 112, were discussing their plans, overheard by Ragini and thus they killed her. Chand is thus proved innocent.


The movie is directed by Ketan Anand and produced by Gulshan Kumar. The music is composed by Krishan Kumar and Amar Utpal. The cinematography is by Vivek Anand. The star cast includes Krishna Kumar,Girish Malik, Taniya, Shammi,Amar Utpal Kapoor, Prem Chopra, Devan Verma and Manohar Singh.