Released On - 30 Dec 2005     2hr 0min
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Aditya, played by Sanjay Kapoor and Shivani, played by Manisha Koirala are happily married with two children. Their seemingly blissful life comes to a standstill with the entry of an attractive girl called Sonia. Sparks begin to fly between Aditya and Sonia and soon they start dating. When Shivani learns of the affair she is devastated and heart broken. However she keeps herself together for her two kids. Eventually one day Aditya reveals to Shivani that he is leaving her and the kids to be with the love of his life Sonia.


Aditya’s happy times with Sonia don’t last for long too. He soon learns that Sonia is infertile and thus decides to take his children’s custody from Shivani. He files a court case to win his kids. Unfortunately for Shivani, the court case goes against her and the custody of the children is given to Sonia and Aditya. However things are not what they seem. There is much more to this case than Aditya would imagine.


The movie is directed by Harry W Fernandes and produced by Dr. Anil K Sharma. The music is composed by Himmesh Reshammiya and the cinematography is by Rajan Kinagi.