Apradhi Kaun

Released On - 01 Jan 1982     2hr 38min

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Anand is a young boy living a carefree life until an older woman is infatuated with him. She is not happy in her marriage and thus has an eye for Anand. Meanwhile things take an ugly turn when she is brutally murdered and the prime suspect in the crime is Anand himself. He has to now prove his innocence under any circumstance before its too late. Meanwhile he is blackmailed and threatened with pictures. The film is directed by Mohan Bhakri and produced by K M Bhakri. The music is composed by Nadeem Shravan and the cinematography is by Cheema. The star cast includes Raza Murad, Rajni Sharma, Arpana Choudhary, Javed Khan and Rakesh Pandey.