Released On - 25 May 1990     2hr 15min

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Haranath could be a destitute but a great man at heart. He works difficult for a living be that as it may does not endorse of social disasters like debasement and bribe. He falls into a trap set by one such a Mathur Ghosh, who not as it were puts his difficult earned personality into the channels but strengths him to commit suicide. Haranath's child Shankar develops up to be a man who has the same qualities as his father in any case falls into the same society which is laded with debasement and persecution. Shankar falls in cherish with a wealthy man's girl named Priya but is decided to battle back against Mathur's mastery, After much give up, he develops as a victor. Priya and her driver, Keshto help him in his brawl. After the reprobates are vanquished, Shankar and Priya get together for life.