Holiday - A Soldier Is Never Off Duty

Released On - 06 Jun 2014     2hr 51min
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Holiday - A Soldier Is Never Off Duty
Indian Film History
Holiday - A Soldier Is Never Off Duty
Indian Film History
Holiday - A Soldier Is Never Off Duty
Indian Film History


Title Singer Rating
1 Ashq Na Ho Arijit Singh 3 Lyrics 5 : 53
2 Palang Tod Mika Singh, Ritu Pathak 4 Lyrics 3 : 46
3 Blame The Night Arijit Singh, Aditi Singh Sharma, Piyush Kapoor 3 Lyrics 4 : 39
4 Shaayraana Arijit Singh 4 Lyrics 4 : 21
5 Tu Hi Toh Hai Kunal Ganjawala 5 Lyrics 3 : 55



Virat, played by Akshay Kumar is the Captain of a secret wing in the Indian Army. As soon he’s back on holiday at Mumbai, his parents take him to see a girl for marriage. The girl in question is Saiba, played by Sonakshi Sinha. He rejects her saying she’s too simple for him but in reality is a boxer and quite modern. He falls in love with her after seeing her boxing skills.


One day Virat manages to capture a wanted terrorist who is involved in a bus explosion and later hospitalized. He manages an escape from there with the help of a police spy and later reveals his name to be Ashok Gaikwad who commits suicide after. Later Virat learns that the terrorist organization is planning a huge bomb blast in several places in Mumbai. He finds all the bombers and kills them one by one before they plant the fatal bombs.


The terrorist leader learns of his plan failure and targets the officer’s one female relative each and kidnaps them. Virat sends his sister in place of one of the kidnapped girls and manages to come and kill all the terrorists. This attack too fails and the leader now attacks Virat directly by kidnapping him. Virat goes on with them with a chip planted in his hand so his team can track him. He later learns that the Joint Defense Secretary of India Mr. Alvin, played by Zakir Hussain is also involved with the terrorist group. Virat later, kills the terrorist leader and Mr. Alvin commits suicide.


The movie is directed by A. R. Murugadoss and produced by Aruna Bhatia and Twinkle Khanna. The music is composed by Pritam.