John Day

Released On - 13 Sep 2013     2hr 18min

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John Day
Indian Film History
John Day
Indian Film History


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1 Kis Lamhe Mein Aditi Singh Sharma 4 Lyrics 2 : 48
2 Charon Taraf DJ Strings 5 Lyrics 2 : 59

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John Day, played by Naseeruddin Shah works as a bank manager and lives with his wife Maria Day, played by Shernaz Patel. Their only daughter Pearl, recently died in a forest fire with her boyfriend Kanishk during a hiking trip. One day a courier boy enters their house while John is at work and abducts Maria. He calls John and tells him about a person who will visit him at the bank and he has to follow his instructions. The man gags John and takes money from the cash locker while Maria is hit on the head with serious brain injury and rushed to the hospital.


Meanwhile police officer Gautam, played by Randeep Hooda asks his girlfriend Tabassum to collect some important documents from the bank. She does as told and get a file with Casablanca Estates written on it. This alarms John and he spies on Tabassum and realizes Gautam is also involved. He later swears revenge on everyone who injured his wife and kills the kidnappers. He takes Tabassum captive and calls Gautam and a mafia don Khan Saab to Gautam’s house.


It is later revealed that Casablanca Estates is the 8000acres of forest land that has been illegally acquires by the mafia and a Dubai based don. Th forest was set on fire to get heavy compensation and noe Gautam plans to sell the property papers for billions and settle abroad. John shoots the mafia as well as Gautam.


The movie is directed by Ahishor Solomon and produced by Anjum Rizvi, Aatef A Khan and K Asif. The music is composed by Kshitij Tarey & Strings.