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1 Masoom Sa Sukhwinder Singh 5 Lyrics 2 : 59
2 Dama Dama Dam Vishal Dadlani 4 Lyrics 4 : 19


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"Corruption is not part of our political system; our political system exists for corruption".


Madaari a performer, questions the Why, Who and When after losing all that he identifies with. 


A brilliant movie that every person can relate to and revisit like an experience. A normal voter, an Aam Aadmi’s wake up call. A slate where we can write down the solutions to the problems that we are facing due to the current political setup instead of waiting for things to undo itself.


This is a father’s quest, his trauma at the loss of innocence to a setup; not his own creation, emptiness at the helm of all feelings. Everyone who admits or refuses to admit has faced this helpness in life.


Irrfan Khan, never acts instead he lives, you feel like you are peeping into an actual existing person and his surroundings. You can see him hold the baby, crying in the hospital corridor, stand at the ledge, and laugh that all prevailing laughter. You tend to know him from somewhere and deal with the ensuing emotions. This film is not about negative feeling of loss but about revival when all is lost.


The title is synonymous with control. Politics controlling us, of corruption controlling us and of us finally taking control of our conditionand moving ahead before it is too late.


This is not a “Rang De Basanti” of passion of youth. Here is a mature sensitive portrayal of  ahuman who looks like us. Kaise Pehchanoge…I am one amongst the millions who look alike and dress alike. Our dreams are alike, our hopes are alike, our situation is alike. We are cut out of the same fabric and build a case for self-justice and return to your conscience to escape the feeling of complete annihilation.


The beauty about the movie is that it is not dull and drab reeking of hopelessness. It is stylish, uber urban and sensibly real. The cinematographer in Avinash Arun has played with Nature and its various moods. to highlight the difference between the worlds. It is played out on the road, in a school, on air, everywhere and yet here is a movie about that feeling.


The kidnapped boy and the kidnapper has an evolving relationship, depicted in the changing topography than using heavy dosages of words as seen in most recently visible in the movie “Highway”. From the arrogant anguished brat to the all knowing child with a gleam of wisdom when he says that he knows what the father in the kidnapperis doing.


The focus does not shift from the protagonists and the politicians are an existing necessity. Beautifully paced without holding emotions at ransom, Madaari is edited by Aarif Shaikh who plays the interactions between the cop (Jimmy Shergill) and Irrfan crisply. 


The common citizen lives a life full of everyday experiences some good some very uneasy and Nishikant Kamath does want to give a definite solution, it wants to wake us up identify to question.


There is a Nirmal in all of us and life is seashore where waves of time carve new islands or take away the sands leaving memories behind but nothing stops