Maharani Minal Devi

Released On - 01 Jan 1946     2hr 0min


Title Singer Rating
1 Main Sajan Ko Man Mein Rajkumari Dubey 3 Lyrics 2 : 53



Maharani Minal Devi is a Biographical-Historical- Emotional-Musical Thriller Family Drama Film crafted with excellence by Chimanlal Trivedi, The Real-Life Story of Minal Devi or Mayanalla, a famous queen of eleventh century Gujarat- Minal Devi acted as regent for her son, who went on to become a legendary hero. An incident described in Rajashekhar Suri’s Prabandha Kosha testifies to the fact that she inspired him in many of his warlike exploits. Her life journey being showcased with facts and details, leading to consequences. Primary Starcast-Durga Khote, Prem Adib, Leela Desai