Naach Nagini Naach Re

Released On - 05 Jan 1996     2hr 35min

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In a stormy night a wind charmer held up for his wife's conveyance but his spouse gave birth to a dead infant. He was anxious and went to clinic with the dead infant to alter it with somebody else. Eventually he took a girl from a twin. The entire occurrence took put before Shubhankar Chatterjee, who was an legitimate police officer , but he did not talk around it. One young lady "Hasi" developed up at her father's house and the other Khusi, at the hovel of wind charmer. One day Hashi's mother kicked the bucket and the wind charmer moreover passed on. Hasi was tormented by her step-mother. At that point Shubankar came to know almost it and supplanted Khusi within the put of Hasi. Khusi instructed them an suitable lesson. They take Khusi to her house and Rajat endured from wind chomp. Specialist said that he was dead but Khusi played the container, the snakes came and eventually Rajat was spared. At last they lived together joyfully.