Operation Mumbai

Released On - 02 Nov 2012     2hr 0min


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The movie Operation Mumbai, is based on the 26/11 attacks that happened in Mumbai in 2008. Terrorists came into our city and attacked places like the Taj Mahal hotel and Trident hotel. Many people lost their lives and many more injured severely. It was a vicious attack by terrorists, where people were gunned down in a restaurant and no place to escape or run.


The human spirit however, wasn’t broken even after a horrible and cruel attack like this one. People stood up for each other and came together as a community to help. The movie depicts the undying human nature and out will to fight against all adversity. When one of the terrorists were caught during the crossfire, people rallied to bring justice to their loved ones who died and the harshest punishment was given to him.


The movie is directed by Ajit Varma and produced by Kulwant Singh, along with Tirupati Production and Movie 18. The star cast includes Shabaaz Khan, Rakhi Sawant, Ajit Verma and Ehsaan Khan. The music is composed by Raj Inder Raj and the cinematography is by Manoj Goswami. The choreography is by Shafi Shaikh.