Released On - 15 Jun 2012     1hr 55min

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The perils of the Internet have been prevalent ever since its inception. Although the net has benefits and advantages of reaching out to people far away and getting information that would otherwise be impossible, there are people who can easily misuse this dependency and turn a seemingly easy device into something sinister.


Pia is a small town girl from Haridwar, who lives a very happy go lucky life. She dreams of finding her Mr. Right, and settling into a blissful and content life. This is exactly what she hopes for when she meets a boy called Rahul virtually, and begins to bond with him. They develop a close friendship over many chats and discussions on personal topics and eventually fall in love.


Pia’s dreams are almost about to turn into reality when Rahul informs her that he will come to Haridwar to meet her in person, finally. They are even more in love now and decide to get married and begin their beautiful journey together, when tragedy strikes. Pia comes to the realization, that Rahul is not the boy she met online and she has been duped.


The movie is directed by Aziz Sejawal and produced by Sanjay Roy. The music is composed by Anand Chitragupt, Milind Chitragupt and Subhayu.