Raghu More: Bachelor Of Hearts

Released On - 10 Jan 2003     2hr 5min

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Raghu More, is a vernacular student, living a middle class life. He takes admission into a top college, which is full of classy people and gets mocked for how he is. His friends too are no good, they include Pinnakin Patel and Balkrishna Subramanium. Raghu tries very hard to fit into the crowd but always stands out for his diction and the way he dresses and carries himself. To make matters worse, he falls in love with the most popular girl in college Ramona, who thinks he is a joke and laughs at him. Raghu makes up his mind to win Ramona’s heart.


Raghu’s great plans to win over Ramona are all foiled by her and he doesn’t take this humiliation lying down, he swears revenge. Meanwhile another girl notices how Raghu is trying to woo Ramona and become hep himself. She thus dresses like a man and makes him realize this. In the process she falls in love with Raghu. Raghu meanwhile wins a college dance competition and Ramona starts to fall for him even though she has a boyfriend. This is when Raghu will have to make some tough choices and see the truth the way it is.


The movie is written and directed by Iqbal Raj and produced by Nikhil Mathur. The music is composed by Dr Dhanajay Kale and the cinematography is by S R K Moorthy.