Shiva Ka Insaaf

Released On - 21 Feb 2003     2hr 5min

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In this ruthless world, sometimes children have to endure the worst out of all. Their innocence is taken for granted, and they are left to fend for themselves without any help from elders. This is the story of three little girls who love their father very much and are living in a paradise of their own. Their world is turned upside down and crushed, when a horrific incident changes their life forever. Their father is killed by the gangster called Rana, right in front of their eyes. They are left in the wilderness without any support or help. As the girls grow up they realize that the world isn’t as nice as their father told them it would be.


The three girls grow up independently and become brave. They choose their own separate paths in life. One of the girls becomes a police officer, one becomes a bar dancer and one disappears. The police girl wants to avenge her father’s death at any cost. Meanwhile a honest man called Shiva is after Rana to take revenge for falsely implicating him for a crime and putting him behind bars. Shiva and the police officer girl now join forces to kill Rana.


The movie is directed by Ramesh Lakhiani and produced by Nitin Mittal. The music is composed by Gulam Ali. The story and screenplay is written by Basheer Babbar. The cinematography is by Deepak Duggal and the choreography is by Dinesh Balraj.