Shor Se Shuruaat

Released On - 16 Dec 2016     2hr 5min


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Shor Se Shuruat is compilation of seven short films made into one feature film. A debutant director has made each movie, and they all have received mentoring from a senior or established filmmakers. This unique movie concept is based on the theme of noise or ‘shor’.


The first short film is Aazad, based on telling the truth. The second film is Aamer based on a street child. The third movie is Decibel, that talks about banning future sounds. The fourth movie is Dhwani is the perspective of a man on death row, peacefully awaiting his fate.


Fifth is Hell O Hello, deals with loud and noisy advertisements. Sixth movie is Yellow Tin Can Telephone is the cheerful and refreshing story of associating between our different senses and last but not the least is Mia I’m which gives an insight into event that cant be reversed or life-changing cicumstances and how the young generation deals with it.


The movie’s cast includes Vijay Maurya, Sanjay Mishra, Pawan Manda Kale, Atul Kulkarni and Baia Marbaniang. The movie’s directors include, Amira Bargava, Supriya Sharma, Arunima Sharma, Rahul Chittella, Pratik Kothari, Satish Raj and Annie Zaidi.