Released On - 29 May 1987     2hr 3min

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From the mysterious planet of Krypton, a baby reaches Earth and is adopted by a middle-aged couple. They care for the baby as their own and name him Shekhar. His upbringing is as any normal child’s would be and he has regular friends and family. Soon Shekhar grows up and learns of his extraordinary powers and his strength. He then goes to the city to look for his long lost love Gita, who is now working as a news reporter. Verma, from his school days, also was interested in Gita and has now turned into a notorious gang lord. He will now do anything to get Gita. Meanwhile Verma plans to cause widespread destruction on the planet so he can acquire half of the land for his greedy purposes. Shekhar or Superman will however thwart all his evil plans.


The film is directed and produced by B Gupta. The music is composed by Kamal Kant and lyrics are written by Nasee Saharanpur,Asad Bhopali and Kulwant Jain. The story and screenplay is written by Sunil Priyadarshi. The film’s dialogues are written by S K S Sharma and Naseem Saharanpuri. The star cast includes PuneerIssar and Dharamendra.