Unlimited Nasha

Released On - 08 Jun 2005     2hr 45min


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Politician Amar, played by Adarsh Kumar, lives double lives. One for his family and at work and the other, which has a dark secret. He is secretly having an affair with a poetess named Madhumati, played by Amrita Dhanoa. He is completely besotted by her beauty and charm that he has forgotten that he is still married. Amar’s wife Madhubala, played by Nidhi Tiwari has her own agendy. She uses her husband’s status and power, to extort money from people. She has taken money from the most unsuspecting people.


The affair somehow gets leaked to the outside world and becomes the talk of the town within days. Not only is Amar’s reputation at stake, but also his position as a respected minister. To make matters worse, Madhumati is one day found murdered. All fingers point to Amar. Inspector Bharat, played by Sudesh Berry, is assigned the case of Madhumati’s death. He has a tough investigation to handle.


The movie is directed by Ravi K Patwa and Sanjay Khandewal. The film is produced by Ravi K Patwa and Sanjay Khandewal. The music is composed by Baba Jagirdar, Gulam Ali, Rakesh Trivedi and Ram Shankar.