Yeh Rishta Na Tootay

Released On - 31 Jul 1981     2hr 31min

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Ram and Shyam are brothers who come from a poor household. They commit petty crimes and thefts to sustain themselves. Ram one day meets the beautiful Kiran and falls in love with her. Both get close and decide to get married. Trouble is that Kiran is from a good family and her father Vijay Kumar is the local police officer. He objects to the marriage with a thug. The young lovers however elope and marry and soon Kiran gets pregnant. Gangster Shakti kidnaps Kiran and her mother. Vijay now has doubts that Ram and Shyam are behind this. He calls for a manhunt for the brothers. Shyam is nabbed but Ram is still absconding. He has to now either look for Kiran and her mother or surrender to the cops and to Shakti. The film is directed by K Vijayan and produced by P Anand Rao. The music is composed by Kalyanji Anandji. The star cast includes Rajendra Kumar, Vinod Mehra, Mala Sinha, Bindiya Goswami, Raj Babbar, Shakti Kapoor, Jagdeep and Kalpana Iyer.