Released On - 18 Jun 2004    

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Kishan Yadav, played by Ashutosh Rana lives in a remote village of Mumbai. With his sheer hard work and dedication he sets up a dairy on his own. He puts in his blood and sweat to make the dairy a success. The workers in the dairy look up to Kishan and are inspired by his hard working attitude. Kishan lives with his brother Kabir, played by Rohit Nayyar. One day, Kishan is threatened by another promoter and his henchmen, to vacate the place of his business or to face dire consequences.


Corrupt police officer Sharad, played by Sharad Kapoor also helps the promoter as he will get his share in the loot. Kisan goes to the cops for help but to no avail. Kishan and Kabir are harassed and tortured for not vacating the place. Kabir fights back with a few milkmen but later gets abducted by Sharad. During his torture he dies. A lady police officer Malati, played by Nethra Raghuraman is handed the case but Kishan has vowed to teach Sharad and his associates a lesson in his own way.


The movie is directed by Nabh Kumar Raju and produced by Sanjay Thakur. The movie is written by Atul Tiwari and the music is composed by Raju Singh. The cinematography is by H Laxmi Narayan and Sanjay Malwankar. The choreography is by Ganesh Acharya and Umesh Jadhav.