Released On - 15 Jan 1982     2hr 15min


Title Singer Rating
1 Main Kya Jaanu Ram Ka Gorakh Dhandha Asha Bhosle, Kishore Kumar 3 Lyrics 5 : 36
2 Chhaila Ne Chhaila Chheenliya Shobha Gurtu 5 Lyrics 6 : 25
3 Kabhi Tum Aag Ho Asha Bhosle 4 Lyrics 3 : 57
4 Jiyo Jiyo Pyaare Asha Bhosle, Kishore Kumar 4 Lyrics 4 : 44
5 Disco Station Asha Bhosle 5 Lyrics 6 : 35

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Harimohan lives a middle class life with his wife and son Sunil. He works for a boss who has his eyes on his wife Shanta. When Harimohan goes out for some work, his boss takes this opportunity to molest Shanta. However Harimohan arrives back in time to save her and a fight ensues where his boss is killed. Harimohan drives off with his boss’s car. Unfortunately the car has an accident and Harimohan is presumed to be dead. Shanta is devastated and raises her son to be a police officer. Sunil is a diligent and tough cop who crosses paths with the arrogant Baldev Mittal. The latter is accused of a murder and Sunil brings him to court. Baldev is the son of a powerful man named Gopaldas alias Saakhia. Little does Sunil know that Gopaldas is non other than his own biological father who survived the accident years back. The film is directed by Suerndra Mohan and produced by Pahlaj Nihalani. The music is composed by Bappi Lahiri. The star cast includes Sanjeev Kumar, Shatrughan Sinha, Prem Chopra, Reena Roy, Dev Kumar, Rakesh Roshan, Ramesh Deo, Jeevan, Kanhaiya Lal, Raj Mehra, Mac Mohan, Madan Puri, Ranjeet, Mazhar Khan, Keshto Mukherjee,Tun Tun, Seema Deo, Ranjeeta and Simi Garewal.