Heer Ranjha

Released On - 05 Aug 1992     2hr 39min

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Deedho and Heer have been childhood sweethearts and as they grow up they are separated due to an old family fued. Helpless and distressed the couple lives apart. However Deedho takes on the name of Ranjha and goes to Heer’s village and starts to work as a laborer in her father’s house, unknown to her family and others. Their love only grows with each passing day. The couple want their families to accept their love, but will they succeed.


The film is directed and produced by Harmesh Malhotra. The music is composed by Lakmikant Pyarelal. The cinematography is by W B Rao and the choreography is by Chinni Prakash. The star cast includes Anil Kapoor,Shammi Kapoor, Sridevi, Anupam Kher,Pankaj Dheer, Sushma Seth, Mangal Dhillon and Rakesh Bedi.