Released On - 06 Feb 2004    

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Shrikant Verma, played by Sanjay Kapoor and his wife Shradha Verma, played by Raveena Tandon, are happily married and have a 10 year old daughter named Shruti. One day Shruti gets accidentally locked in the school and later boards a local train to get home. Three drug addict men enter the train and spot Shruti. They brutally gang rape her and flee the scene. The bystanders then call for the police. The case is handled by inspector Kripa Shankar. He sympathizes with the traumatized Vermas and promises to bring the perpetrators to justice.


Meanwhile the shock and pain of the brutal attack is unbearable by little Shruti and she succumbs to her injuries. The tragedy struck parents want justice at any cost. They come to know that the rapists are from influential families. Shradha dresses provocatively and enters the same train one night. The same guys as expected board the train and attack Shradha. In a fit of rage over her daughter’s death, she stabs one of the men to death. After fighting the case of their daughter for months the Vermas finally get justice when all the remaining men are given the death sentence by hanging.


The movie is directed and produced by Mehul Kumar. The film is written by K.K Singh and The music is composed by Sameer Sen. The cinematography is by Mahendra Rayan.