Maa Santoshi Maa

Released On - 01 Jan 2003     2hr 15min
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The story of the movie is entwined with three different family stories. All of them are connected to each other in some way. The main characters are the head of the families Gaurishankar and Laxmichand. The former’s son Ajay, is married to the latters daughter Shalini. Shalini who is pregnant is not very happy with the news as she had other plans for her future before she took the role of motherhood. It came too early as she wanted to try her hand at being Mrs. World. She thus takes the decision of aborting the baby and moves on to chase her dreams. On learbing about the abortion, Ajay gets furious and throws Shalini out of the house. She has no where else to go and thus comes to stay at her father’s house. Soon Shalini gets so depressed that she leaves home to commit suicide.


The movie is directed by Jatin Kumar. The music is composed by Vishwajeet and the choreography is by Jay Borade. The star cast includes Navin Nischol, Bhagyashree, Alok Nath, Anang Desai, A K Hangal, Amit Behl, Ali Asgar, Ajit Vachchani, Vidya Sinha and Kunika.