PM Narendra Modi

Released On - 24 May 2019     2hr 0min

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PM Narendra Modi
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The much awaited film of the year, PM Narendra Modi Biopic film is set for its release on April 11th 2019.  The earlier schedule was 5th April 2019 which had got postponed to the new date.

The film showcases the Prime Minister’s remarkable courage, wisdom, patience, commitment and his political strategy that has inspired people worldwide.  The film shows the social changes first in Gujarat and then in other parts of India.

The biopic will trace to his childhood in the early 50’s to his rise in the corridors of politics, making him as one of the best leaders the country has ever had.  The film is an inspiring tale of a hard working dedicated man who had a vision. In his 64 years’ epic journey from the poverty he lived to selling of tea on railway station to becoming a chailwala (Tea seller) and becoming the Leader in the World’s largest democracy, the film is not just about the politics but is the victory of a common man 

The film also throws a light on how Modi has overcome all the obstacles to create and lead one of the most interesting, captivating and successful election campaigns in the year 2013-2014.

Directed by Omung Kumar, produced by Sandip Ssingh. with actor Vivek Oberoi playing the role of PM Narendra Modi, the film release is scheduled with the first phase of the polling on April 11th 2019.

While the film has received a lot of criticism, calling it a propaganda and giving the opposition nightmares before the Lok Sabha polls, much is expected for the success of this biopic and a must watch for every citizen of India.

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