Released On - 05 Nov 2004     2hr 3min

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Puja, Sonia, Om and Tina live in Dubai, UAE in a shared apartment. The four friends are independent and busy with their careers. Puja works at a Radia station, Om at an office, Sonia has her own boutique while Tina is a theatre actress. The four friends however have their personal demons in their lives, and are struggling to come to terms with them. Puja would like to have new very own show but for that she would have to compromise with the boss. Om is in love with a girl, who got married to someone else, but now wants to rekindle their affair.


Sonia’s client Rohit is attracted to her and wants to marry her, but he precedes his reputation as being a womanizer interested in one night stands. Tina’s dad drinks too much alcohol and harasses her for money almost every other day. All of their lives have been a struggle but that will all come to a conclusion on New Year’s eve. It will also test their friendship. The movie is directed by Ajai Sinha and produced by Laxman Bhatia. The music is composed by Vishal Dadlani, Shekhar Ravjiani. The cinematography is by Chirantan Das and the choreography is by Pony Verma. The story is written by Sanjay Pathak.