Yehi Hai U Turn

Released On - 10 Nov 2006     2hr 5min

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Mr Bhatnagar lives a middle class lifestyle with his wife Gayatri and two daughters Sona and Dhruvi. He earns Rs 5,000 per month, which is not enough for his family to live comfortably. The frustrated family is thus living a hand to mouth existence. Dhruvi has big dreams and ambitions to become rich and successful but doesn’t know how to or have the means to do so. In her college a friend called Priya sees her desperation and suggests a way of making quick money.


Priya takes Dhruvi to a party where she introduces her to a pimp named Ketly. She starts working for him and starts earning lots of money and thus can pay for Sona’s computer classes. She then meets Rahul who is a wealthy business tycoon who feels that she is going on the wrong track just to earn quick money. Meanwhile one of her old clients named Rajesh begins to blackmail Dhruvi but he gets murdered mysteriously. Now Dhruvi is looked upon with suspicion.


The movie is directed by Vikrant Bhatt and produced by Yogesh K Bali and Narendra Upadhyay. The music is composed by Manoj Santoshi. The cinematography is by Hasmukh Rajput.