Profession: Actor , Supporting Actor
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  • Also Know as :- Prabhas
  • Profession:- Actor , Supporting Actor
  • Gender :- male
  • Birthdate:- 23 Oct 1979
  • Status:- Single
  • Debut Year:- 2002
  • Active Years:- Till Today

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Indian Film History
Indian Film History
Indian Film History

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Baahubali has made Prabhas a global star To gain something, one has to lose something! This English axiom suits to a perfect ‘T’ to exemplify Telugu actor Prabhas’s devotion, dedication and die-hard enthusiasm to perform his character of Shivudu and Amarendra Baahubali in R.R. Rajamouli’s epic Baahubali – 1 and 2. Beginning from 2013 to 2017, Prabhas surrendered himself completely into the feet of filmmaker R.R.Rajamouli just as a shishya used to surrender, in the feet of his Guru, in the vedic period. Rajamouli has admitted that he has worked with many actors but the kind of devotion that Prabhas displayed was incredible. He scarified his life for the film renouncing all worldly pleasures, similar to a sadhu, who renounces the materialistic world. He kicked aside many films and advertisement worth crores and even declined 6000 marriage proposals so as to keep his focus on his character! To get into the skin of the character like Aamir Khan did for Dangal, likewise Prabhas first gained 105 kg to play the role of Amarendra Baahubali and later he shed 22 kg to fit into the role of the character of Mahendra Baahubali aka Shivudu. To acquire such physique Prabhas went to USA and interacted with WWF players. He spent much times with WWF players and closely studied their work-out. Impressed by their state-of-art equipment, Prabhas purchased the equipment costing 1.5 crore and set an indoor gym at his house. He used to work –out daily six hours. His breakfast included 40 egg whites (half boiled) blended and added with protein powder every day. Prabhas also erected a specialized sand volleyball court in his house to develop skills to work well with others. All his hard-work and devotion paid off and he is today a global star from a mere regional cinema actor!!!

Prabhas did B.Tech as he believes education develops personality Though Prabhas has been born in a family which is surrounded with filmy atmosphere as his father is film director U Suryanarayana Raju and his uncle is famous Telugu actor Uppalapati Krishnam Raju yet Prabhas was never inclined to films. He was a studious student and did his B. Tech in engineering from Sri Chaitanya College in Hyderabad. He thinks education is not necessary only for a professional career but it is important to develop personality. Prabhas wanted to become Hotelier for penchant for Biryani After competing B.Tech Prabhas was invited to join cinema by his father and uncle but he had other plans. He wanted to venture into Hotel business and become an Hotelier. The reason behind his inclination for Hotel industry was his penchant for Biryani and that too his favorite butter chicken Biryani! However after studying the Hotel industry he realized it was not his cup of tea hence he decided to give a chance at acting and did Telugu film Eeshwar (2002 film). Call it destiny, to Prabhas’s pleasant surprise the film turned out to be a great success. Made on a shoe string budget of 5 million the movie amassed a gigantic 53.5 millions thus becoming the biggest hit of the year and making Prabhas a Star!

After rejecting 6000 marriage proposals; Prabhas is set to marry? During the past four years Prabhas has devoted his entire life for the making of Baahubali and this includes postponing his marriage plans. It is reported that during this time he was offered 6000 marriage proposals but Prabhas declined all proposals as his only focus was the film. He had even asked his family to wait when they had arranged a 23 year engineering student for Prabhas. Now the news doing the media houses is that the actor is set to wed business tycoon Bhupathi Raja, Chairman of Raasi Cement’s granddaughter but nothing has been confirmed by Prabhas family. Meanwhile Prabhas has been linked with Baahubali co-star Anushka Shetty and many more girls but the news turned out to be rumors. Regarding marriage, Prabhas, has made it clear that he has still not found a girl of his choice and he is presently basking in the success of Baahubali. In addition he has many assignment to complete hence marriage will have to wait.

Prabhas is the Salman Khan of South Film Industry Standing 6.2 feet, the tall and handsome hunk Prabhas has the charismatic appeal and oozing sex appeal of Bollywood superstar Salman Khan. Like the six pack abs of Salman Khan and bulging biceps, Prabhas too loves to display his bare chest which is cheered by his fans. Prabhas does his own stunts and in Baahubali he crossed all heights of action doing some really daring stunts like jumping from mountain with waterfall in the background, jumping into flowing Ganges, daring war scenes like jumping on a running horse, stopping a wild elephant etc left the audience wonder stuck. Forget film buff even Bollywood celebrities were in awe of Prabhas performance in Baahubali. While Alia Bhatt said – Baahubali rocks, serious actor Nawazuddin Siddiqi said that Prabhas is excellent and his performance is earth shattering. Like Aamir Khan, Prabhas meticulously selects his film and does just one film a year Though like Salman Khan, Prabhas has a muscular body and a charming personality that makes him a perfect match for action cum romantic films but when it come selecting movies, Prabhas is like Aamir Khan. He takes long hours to pick one story from a bag of umpteen films and once he devotes to a film then like Aamir, he gives his best and till then he never indulges in any other film. Hence in a career of 15 years he has done a handful of just 19 films! A look at his career reveals that from his debut film Eshwar (2002) he has maintained the trend of doing single film like Raghavendra (2003), Varsham (2004). After mega success of Varsham he was forced to do two films in 2005. He did Chakram and Chatrapathi of the two Chatrapathi was huge hit. It was with Chatrapathi that Prabhas came in contact with filmmaker R.R. Rajamouli. After this Prabhas had a lean phase but he made a comeback with Darling (2010) and even won CineMaa award for Best actor special Jury award. Later he continued his stardom with hit films like Mr. Perfect (2011), Rebel (2012) and 2013 Mirchi. After 2013, Prabhas got completely devoted to Baahubali and kicked aside many good offers but the success of Baahubali has paid him all his losses both in terms of money and in terms of stardom.

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1 31 Dec 2025 Film Actor Mann Bairagi
2 03 Jan 2025 Film Supporting Actor Kannappa
3 31 Dec 2024 Film Actor The Raja Saab
4 27 Jun 2024 Film Actor Kalki 2898 AD
5 22 Dec 2023 Film Actor Salaar
6 16 Jun 2023 Film Actor Adipurush
7 30 Dec 2022 Film Actor Spirit
8 11 Mar 2022 Film Actor Radhe Shyam
9 29 Nov 2020 Film Actor Jaan
10 30 Aug 2019 Film Actor Saaho