Prarambh-The Biginning

Released On - 13 Aug 2004    

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Bholu is a beggar who sits outside a huge famous temple. He makes ends meet by whatever little money he gets from the devotees who visit the temple for praying. Bholu is also religious as he feels that the temple has given him a source of imcome. However there is someone who has his evil eye on Bholu’s earnings. A local goon named Parbat starts to extort money from Bholu seeing that he is making a decent amount of money everyday. Thus Bholu starts to act like a leper and gets more money.


Bholu’s little business is almost flourishing when a young woman named Chamki starts begging in front of the temple with her child. People start paying more attention to her and lesser to Bholu. However Chamki’s entry at the temple also brings about a lot of other changes in Bholu’s life. He starts to have a soft corner for her.


The movie is directed by Kumar A Dave and produced by Naeem Siddhique. The music is composed by Milind Sagar and the cinematography is by Prasann Jain. The star cast includes Vijay Raaz, Sanjay Gandhi, Mukesh Bhatt and Gauri Karnik.