Released On - 09 Apr 2010     2hr 19min

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Title Singer Rating
1 Ishq Mein Monali Thakur 3 Lyrics 4 : 22
2 Jiyara Jiyara Alisha Chinai, Hard Kaur 3 Lyrics 8 : 43
3 Aa Bhi Ja Sanam Atif Aslam 4 Lyrics 2 : 54
4 Kaun Hoon Main Atif Aslam 3 Lyrics 4 : 33
5 Tere Liye Atif Aslam, Shreya Ghoshal 2 Lyrics 5 : 2
6 O Mere Khuda Atif Aslam, Garima Jhingon 4 Lyrics 3 : 19

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Prince, played by Vivek Oberoi is an expert burglar and one day forgets everything about his past. Confused and disoriented he ventures out to find answers when he meets a girl called Maya who claims to be his girlfriend and another girl who also is named Maya and is his girlfriend. He then finds a coin inside his shoe which Maya tells him contains a chip. The first Maya is in fact Serena who works for a don named Sarang and he is after Prince. Sarang puts the chip in Prince’s head so he forgets his past and works for him.


They confront Sarang and he tells them that as a result of the chip in Prince’s head, every morning after he wakes up the computer in his brain crashes and he will experience a lot of pain. Thus, he has only six days to live and today is the last. After a while Prince collapses and a car takes prince away. Maya gets a call asking for the coin is she wants to see Prince alive. Serena later gets shot by Sarang and Prince pushes him down a waterfall killing him instantly.


The movie is directed by Kookie V Gulati and produced by Kumar Taurani and Ramesh Taurani. The story is written by Mayur Puri. The music is composed by Sachin Gupta.