Released On - 26 Jun 2015     2hr 0min

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Five close friends have no goals in life but are way forward in their thinking and extremely rebellious. They will not let anything come in the way of their fun and good times. Youngsters without any responsibilities and fear of consequences can be sometimes be disastrous for the people around and this is the crux of the movie. 

The five friends in question are Ram, played by Vikrant Roy, Anil, played by Rohan Mehra, Vikram, played by Lavin Gothi, Salmaan, played by Mohit Baghel and Deenbandhu, played by Meghvrat Singh. Their respective parents enroll them in a well renowned convent school to put some discipline into their lives. However, the boys are keen to find love. Their need for adventure gets them into big time trouble in the end.

Uvaa is directed by Jasbir Bhaati and produced by Anil Jethani and Chandresh Jethani. The music is composed by Rashid Khan
Palash Muchhal, Hanif Sheikh and Pravin-Manoj.