Waheeda Rehman

Profession: Actress , Guest Appearance, Supporting Actress
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  • Also Know as :- Waheeda Rehman
  • Profession:- Actress , Guest Appearance, Supporting Actress
  • Gender :- female
  • Birthdate:- 03 Feb 1938
  • Status:- Married
  • Debut Year:- 1955
  • Active Years:- Till Today

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Waheeda Rehman
Indian Film History
Waheeda Rehman
Indian Film History
Waheeda Rehman
Indian Film History

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Why Guide is regarded as the Watershed in her career Few are aware that Dev Anand had first made the English version of Guide and after its disastrous failure he attempted its Hindi version that too after his younger brother, famous film director Vijay Anand, took the challenge of directing it and delivering a hit. Vijay Anand’s first difficult task was to cajole a heroine to play the role of the film’s heroine, Rosie, who disowns her impotent husband and elopes with a young handsome man (Dev Anand) who promises to explore her dancing talent on the world scene. The role of Rosie was an unconventional role in the 60’s when the Sati Savitri kind of roles were much applauded by the gallery. Hence all of the top heroines of the 60’s declined the offer including daring actresses like Nutan and Nargis. But Waheeda Rehman took the challenging role caring a damn of her image going astray. In fact at the same time she was also playing a Sati Savitri character in the film Neel Kamal and the producers protested to decline Guide but she was adamant. Her strong urge to play the character made things easy for Vijay Anand and he extracted the best of her performance in her career. Her outstanding in the film fetched her first Filmfare Best Actress Award. And what is amazing is that filmmakers of Neel Kamal who had abandoned shooting due to Waheeda’s adamant attitude continued work after Guide was a success and interestingly Waheeda Rehman fetched yet again her second Filmfare Best Actress Award for Neel Kamal!!!

Her First step into fame Waheeda Rehman was born into a South Indian Tamil Muslim family. She was an intelligent student who aspired to be a doctor but also had passion for dance. Her father was a district commissioner. He provided her and her sister best of the dance training in Bharatnatyam from Guru Trichunder Meenakshi Sundaram Pillai and Guru Jayalaxmi Alva, both considered the doyens in their art. Once there was a grand cultural event in their home town and the governor of the state was the Chief Guest. During the event young Waheeda Rehman, who was just 4 years old, did a dance performance which was much applauded. The Governor pleased by young Waheeda Rehman’s dance predicted that she will make good name in the field of arts. The prediction turned true as after her father’s death at the age of 6 she was forced to earn bread for her family by joining South Indian films.

Her relation with Guru Dutt Waheeda Rehman was discovered by legendary filmmaker Guru Dutt and the duo did many films beginning from CID, Pyaasa, Chaudhvin Ka Chand, Kaagaz Ke Phool, Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam etc. During this phase the two come together and this was protested by Guru Dutt’s wife famous singer Geeta Dutt. In anger she had abandoned Dutt and left his house along with her children. Dutt who loved his children was allowed to meet his kids only once in a week and this distressed Dutt and in anguish he sought relief in Waheeda Rehman. While Rehman, it is reported, began keeping distance with Dutt, when she found the battle between Dutt and Mrs Dutt became intense due to her. Agonized by Waheeda’s distance and disappointed by his wife’s harsh attitude Guru Dutt committed suicide taking overdose of sleeping pills. Thus the relation between Guru Dutt and Waheeda Rehman ended on a rough note. Waheeda Rehman finds her sweet heart A young and handsome man called Shashi Rekhi came to Mumbai in connection with his garment business. Here he met his friend Yash Johar (father of filmmaker Karan Johar), who was also in garment business as well as films. Once, Yash Johar took Shashi to an outdoor shooting where Waheeda Rehman was shooting. Watching the bewitching beautiful Waheeda, Shashi fell in love with her. To win over Waheeda Rehman, Shashi Rekhi became an actor and did a film Shagoon (1964) as hero opposite her. His screen name was Kamaljit. During the shooting the two came close and got married. The movie failed and Shashi moved to Canada but allowed Waheeda to act in films. They had a successful married life. He died in 2000.

How Guru Dutt discovered Waheeda Rehman Once Guru Dutt and his close friend Abrar Alvi (Story writer cum director) were in Hyderabad for finalizing the remake rights of a Telugu hit film. The producer called them to their office. While they were discussing, suddenly there was a chaos on the road as people rushed behind a young and beautiful heroine. Dutt was wonderstruck and asked who the lady was. The producer informed that she was nobody special but a mere dancer who had become popular by her single dance performance in a Telugu film Rojulu Marayi. Guru Dutt was excited and went to see the film in a theater nearby. He was so mesmerized by Waheeda Rehman’s dance and beauty that he asked his assistants to hunt her and within a week he found Waheeda Rehman and gave her break in his film C.I.D. Waheeda Rehman proves her versatility; over scores the heroine in her debut film What makes Waheeda Rehman admirable is that though Geeta Dutt introduced her in his home production C.I.D. (1956) as a vamp. She over scored the heroine! Almost 60 years have passed when C.I.D. was released but still film buffs remember the seductive song Kahin Pe Nigahein Kahin Pe Nishana….where Waheeda Rehman seduces the villain and indirectly gestures the hero (Dev Anand) to escape. The superlative facial expression and the exceptional dance movements made her instant favorite of the masses. The movie became a box office success thanks to her song Kahin Pe Nigahein Kahin Pe Nishana…and Guru Dutt immediately escalated her from vamp to heroine in his next film Pyaasa (1957). The Guru DuttWaheeda Rehman Jodi becames popular Under the ace direction of Guru Dutt, Waheeda Rehman got the opportunity to explore her acting skills. Further her on-screen chemistry with Guru Dutt became successful among the masses. In Guru Dutt's masterpiece Pyaasa she stunned the audience with a powerful performance of a prostitute pouring the right nuances of love, desire and despair. In Kaagaz Ke Phool (1959) she played a film star, who falls in love with her mentor. Actually the film was an autobriographical account of love affair between Guru Dutt and her. In Chaudhvin Ka Chand (1960) she played a Muslim character speaking chaste Urdu. The jodi’s last film was Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam (1962) as tinsel town was set ablaze with her and Dutt’s romance and this created gulf between Dutt and Mrs Geeta Dutt. Her association with film legend Satyajit Ray The silver lining in Waheeda Rehman’s career came when she was approached by none other but the legendary film wizard Satyajit Ray. Working under Satyajit Ray is regarded by every actor a life time opportunity. Hence despite being a huge star in Bollywood Waheeda Rehman cancelled all her dates to work with Satyajit Ray in his Bengali film Abhijan (1962). Though the film was not a great success but Waheeda Rehman had the grand pleasure of working with her idol filmmaker.

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